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Jackie Baker has an assisted death in Switzerland

9 Nov

In response to this morning’s news about Jackie Baker. Sarah Wootton, Chief Executive of Dignity in Dying, said: “This case is yet another moving story of the lengths people go to simply to secure for themselves the means to control […]

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Simon Binner has an assisted death in Switzerland

19 Oct

Our thoughts go out to Simon Binner’s family and friends, and to the countless others who have been forced to make this decision because of the current law. After Parliament decided to reject an assisted dying law last month two […]

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Lord Carey’s view on assisted dying debate

11 Sep

Lord Carey of Clifton: “I’m saddened that the problem of untreatable pain and great indignity at the end of life has been left unresolved by this vote. Those of us arguing for change must reflect on the outcome. In the […]

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