Turner family

At 12.35 today, Tuesday 24 January 2006, our mother, Anne Turner, died peacefully in Zurich, one day before her 67th birthday. She had opted for an assisted suicide with the support of the Swiss charity Dignitas.

At 12.05 our mother drank a barbiturate prescription. We said our goodbyes and held her hands as she started to slip into a deep sleep. Within 25 minutes she stopped breathing.

Our mother was a wonderful, loving, spirited and courageous woman who chose to die before her illness put her in a position of being unable to make this choice. We have fully respected her wishes, even though her decision has caused us great sadness. Our only consolation is knowing that our mother chose death willingly, has died peacefully and with dignity, and that her suffering is at an end.

This experience has challenged us all as a family. We loved our mother dearly and will miss her terribly.

– Sophia Pandit, Edward Turner, Jessica Wharton


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