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States assembly to debate assisted dying

You can contact States Members today to show your support

On the 23rd November, States Members in Jersey will take part in a debate on assisted dying. This debate will set the scene for the future of this issue in Jersey. If States Members decide to support assisted dying in principle, it will pave the way for future legislation to succeed. This debate is also a huge opportunity for the people of Jersey to have their voices heard by politicians on this all-important issue.

Will you email States Members today explaining why you back assisted dying and asking them to support you at this debate?

Yes, I’ll email States Members ->

If you follow this link you’ll get to the States of Jersey gateway which allows you to write to every States Member by sending just one email. To be as effective as possible, it is important that your email:

  • Is personal, polite and persuasive, containing the key reasons why you support a change in the law
  • Includes any personal experience that you’re willing to share of the current law not working
  • Asks States Members to vote in support at the debate on the 23rd November

Assisted dying in Jersey: the story so far

In 2020, the Minister for Health and Social Services in Jersey established a Citizens’ Jury to consider whether assisted dying should be permitted on the island. The Jury consisted of 23 Jersey residents who met over 10 sessions in Spring 2021 where they discussed case studies from around the world and heard from doctors, dying people, and campaigning groups on both sides.

In September 2021, the recommendations of the Citizens’ Jury were published, showing strong support for law change and recommending that assisted dying should be permitted in Jersey. This recommendation has triggered this in-principle debate.

Alain’s story

Before his death, Alain du Chemin appealed to States Members to take up this opportunity to give the people of Jersey the right to die on their own terms.

Alain’s husband, Paul Gazzard, said:

“Alain’s message was simple: banning assisted dying does not work for terminally ill people or their loved ones. He would have lived better in his final months knowing that he had the choice he wanted here at home, without having to plan an assisted death overseas at huge expense and in the middle of a pandemic.

“Alain devoted his final months to fighting for change, knowing it would likely come too late for him. He would be delighted to learn that the citizen’s jury and the people of Jersey echo his calls for greater choice and control for terminally ill islanders. Before his death, Alain appealed to States Members to take up this opportunity to give the people of Jersey the right to die on their own terms. I sincerely hope they do.”

If you believe people like Alain deserve greater choice at the end of life, please contact Sates Members today

Yes, I’ll email States Members ->