Public opinion

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The vast majority of the British public support assisted dying

The vast majority of the public support the choice of an safeguarded assisted dying law for terminally ill people.




The General Public


  • A 2015 Populus poll of 5,000 people – the largest ever conducted on assisted dying – showed 82% of the public support Lord Falconer’s Assisted Dying Bill to give terminally ill, mentally competent people the legal option of assistance to die with dignity. [1]
  • The same Populus poll also found:
    • 44% of people would break the current law and help a loved one to die; the penalty for doing so is a maximum sentence of 14 years in prison
    • 53% of people would think more positively about an MP who supported assisted dying, while only 10% would think more negatively


People with a Religious Belief


  • A 2013 YouGov survey found only 18% of those who identified themselves as belonging to a religion were opposed to the legalisation of assisted dying for terminally ill adults with mental capacity. 62% were supportive and 18% were neither opposed nor supportive or hadn’t made up their mind. [2]
  • The 2015 Populus survey found that 80% of Christians support the Assisted Dying Bill. [1]


Disabled People


  • The 2015 Populus poll found that 86% of people with a disability support the Assisted Dying Bill. [1] This is a 6% increase on a similar YouGov poll of disabled people conducted in 2013. [5]



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