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Every eight days a Briton travels to Dignitas for help to die. The absence of an assisted dying law forces dying people to take drastic measures to control their death.

Nearly 350 Britons have now ended their lives at Dignitas in Switzerland. By refusing to change the law, Parliament turns a blind eye to the suffering dying people face.

Behind every statistic there is a moving story, like that of Bob Cole. Aged 68, Bob became the first person to publicly speak about going to Dignitas before making the journey there to control his death. Each story that makes the headlines lays bare the harsh realities of our current law.

The true cost of Dignitas

By failing to legalise assisted dying our Parliament condones that, on average, every eight days one Briton travels abroad to die. This must change. We cannot ignore the difficult and painful journey faced by many dying people who the law in the UK is failing.

The True Cost
How the UK outsources death to Dignitas

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Travelling abroad to die is by no means an easy decision. There are many challenges dying people have to face:

  • Cost of more than £10,000. The law discriminates between rich and poor.
  • A difficult journey. Many people travel thousands of miles at a point where they are in great pain and distress.
  • A loss of control. The law forces dying people to travel earlier than they would choose. This is because they fear that they will not be able to make the journey later.

Those who go with their loved one and are present during the process face the risk of prosecution and up to 14 years in prison when they return to the UK. It is clear that the current legal situation is unacceptable. Until this changes and assisted dying is law this injustice will continue.

Do you have a story to tell?

Telling personal stories can be extremely powerful. We are building a network of people willing to share their experience to help us strengthen the case for law change.

We know stories are very personal, so rest assured that we will not publicise anything until we have spoken to you and you’ve given your final approval.

If you are willing to share your experience please let us know using the form below.