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Shropshire Campaign group

Join the local campaign movement and help persuade politicians that the law must change. Our active campaign groups bring together like-minded people and turn them into a powerful force. Help keep assisted dying on the agenda in your community by campaigning with us now.

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Recent activity

Members of our group have been invited to meet with all 5 Shropshire MPs at the end of April. This is a unique opportunity to put our case forward for an assisted dying law and demonstrate that it is what the people of Shropshire want.

We have representatives from 4 constituencies attending, but we’re still looking for someone from The Wrekin constituency (Mark Pritchard MP) to join us. Is that you? If so, get in touch!Ā 

Our local MPs

As we are currently in a general election period, there are no Members of Parliament, only prospective parliamentary candidates seeking election in each constituency. Once we know the results of the election on 13th December, your new local MPs will be listed here.