We need you to take action to change the law

If you believe that no dying person should be forced to suffer against their wishes and that the law should change on assisted dying then please act now.Here are three ways you can act against suffering.

1. Join the campaign or donate

Dignity in Dying is dedicated to changing the law to put patient choice and the wishes of the individual at the heart of end of life legislation.Β We are funded entirely by voluntary donations so any contribution that you can make has a meaningful impact on our work.
Join as a member – We have a range of membership options including Joint Membership, Young Person Membership (18-25).
Donate – you can make a donation to the campaign here.

2. Vocalise your support

Like our Facebook page. Sharing our posts on Facebook is a great way to raise awareness of the campaign for greater choice at the end of life. Why not head over to Facebook and share this now?Β 
Follow us on Twitter. Like Facebook, Twitter is a great way to stay up to date with the campaign and with many Politicians and journalists being on Twitter the larger our following the better.
Campaign locally.Β There are several groups of activists campaigning with us to change the law that you can get involved with.

3. Stay in touch

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