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Leave a gift in your will

We’re working hard to change the law so that dying people do not have to suffer against their wishes.

But to do this we need your help. Whether it’s £50 or £50,000, leaving something to us in your Will really does make a difference. It is only due to the generosity of those who’ve remembered the campaign in their Wills that we’ve been able to achieve the progress that we have.

Leaving a legacy to Dignity in Dying will help us change the law sooner.

Questions about leaving a gift in your Will?

Leaving a gift in your Will can be easier than you think and we’ve created a handy guide to help – download guide (PDF).

The process doesn’t have to be expensive. We are a member of the National Free Wills Network which means that our members and supporters can make their Will free of charge at hundreds of participating solicitors across the UK. There is no obligation to leave a legacy to Dignity in Dying, but we hope you would feel able to.

If you’d like to make use of the Free Wills Network please fill in the form below.

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