We campaign to change the law to allow the choice of an assisted death for terminally ill, mentally competent adults, within upfront safeguards. You can help us make that change happen.

Under our current law, some dying people are forced to suffer against their wishes. If we can change the law no more people will die, but fewer will suffer. Change the law - take action.

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Sir Patrick Stewart

We have no control over how we arrive in the world, but at the end of life we should have legal control over how we leave it.
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Tracy Snelling

Nothing in my worst nightmares could have prepared me for Tracy’s death
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Sir Terry Pratchett

I think it's time we learned to be as good at dying as we are at living.
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Efstratia Tuson

My mother suffered terribly and unnecessarily at the end of her life because she did not have the choice of an assisted death
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Kim Cattrall

A law to allow assisted dying would protect dying people from the awful situations they currently face if they want some control over their death.
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Steve King

He could have faced the end with those he loved by his side.
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We are funded entirely by voluntary donations so any contribution that you can make has a meaningful impact on our work. Donate now.

Assisted Dying Bill

Lord Falconers Assisted Dying Bill was tabled in the House of Lords in June and received its Second Reading on Friday 18 July 2014. Read more.

Advance decisions

If you would like to enquire about an Advance Decision (formerly Living Wills) our sister charity will be able to help. Read more.


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30 Oct

Public support for the Assisted Dying Bill remains strong

Our latest poll shows that, having reviewed arguments for and against, a majority of the public still support a change in the a law on assisted dying Independen...

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16 Oct

Dignity in Dying responds to change in DPP’s prosecution guidelines on assisted suicide

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has made a small change to the prosecuting policy on assisted suicide as it applies to healthcare professionals. In Ju...

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15 Oct

A Hidden Problem: Suicide by Terminally Ill People

New research published by Dignity in Dying has found that in 7% of suicides in England the individual involved has a terminal illness. Every fortnight someone f...

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3 Sep

Dignity in Dying wishes to express sadness at the death of Paul Chamberlain

Paul Chamberlain died peacefully yesterday at Sam Beare Hospice, four years after being diagnosed with motor neurone disease. Paul first got in touch with the c...

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@ArlingtonSteve @PetrieHoskenLBC the assited dying Bill has a conscientious objection clause to allow doctors to refuse if they wish

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