About us

We are a national campaign and membership organisation campaigning to legalise assisted dying, within upfront safeguards, for terminally ill, mentally competent adults.


Our vision


We believe that everyone has the right to a dignified death. This means:

  • Choice over where we die, who is present and our treatment options.
  • Access to expert information on our options, good quality end-of-life care, and support for loved ones and carers.
  • Control over how we die, our symptoms and pain relief, and planning our own death.


Why are we here?


Without a change in the law, dying people will suffer against their wishes at the end of life and will continue to make decisions without the advice of medical or social care professionals.

We believe that high-quality end-of-life care should be complemented by the choice of an assisted death for terminally ill, mentally competent adults who meet strict safeguards and feel their suffering has become unbearable.

Some dying adults attempt to take their own life, some refuse food and water to bring about their death, and many ask loved ones to help them die. Those who can afford to may travel abroad for an assisted death and, over the last few years, one Briton per fortnight has travelled to Switzerland to die.

All of these people are denied the choice of a safe assisted death in their own home, surrounded by those they love, at a time of their choosing.

The legalisation of assisted dying  will give dying people greater choice and greater protection by introducing up-front safeguards that check for abuse and coercion before somebody dies.


How can you help?


The case for change is clear – unbearable suffering, inflicted on a dying person who wishes to die, is unjust and unacceptable. We cannot achieve change without your help – take action to change the law.