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Sir Graeme Catto

As well as treating patients throughout my career, i have held various positions in the medical field to represent the views of doctors across the country. I know that there is a misconception on medical views for assisted dying and I am honoured to be a Patron for Dignity in Dying to carry on this discussion.

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Sir Richard Ottaway

I believe that the cornerstone of a civilised society is that people have a say in the way they live and in the way they die. Choice is one the fundamental tenets of Conservatism and that is why I worked so hard to legalise assisted dying during my time in Parliament.

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Dame Lesley Rees

I worked for a year on two 26 bedded wards. Everybody had Cancer. Since then I have felt that Dignity in Dying is a priority for us all.

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Lady Celia Goodhart

As a nation we need to think long and hard whether we wish to continue the current cruelty to some people who are denied choice at the end of life.

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Cath Staincliffe

Imagine the freedom of knowing you could choose to die peacefully with assistance and love and support when the time came.That’s humanity.

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