Your Rights

End-of-life law and practice is confused and constantly changing. Dignity in Dying can help you to understand the law and how it may affect you. This section sets out your rights in several areas of concern.

Dignity in Dying receives many requests for information about the specifics of the law around assisted dying.

We do not provide information about how to end life but some of the most frequently asked questions are answered on the pages below.


Can you help me die?

Can a doctor help me die?

Can I help someone die?

Refusing treatment

Useful organisations


If you would like to talk to somebody please contact us 

You can download a copy of the Your Rights at the End of Life guide from our partner charity Compassion in Dying. It sets out what rights you have under the current law and the choices available to you at the end of life, and includes a section on carers’ rights. Compassion in Dying also provides free Advance Decisions forms, which allow you to make legally binding decisions about what medical treatments you would want to refuse in the future if you lost mental capacity or the ability to communicate.