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Jane Stephen (England)

Endgame – the realities of dying of cancer in a country that forbids Assisted Dying. It won’t be the first (or last) time that this clichéd title will have been blogged but I can’t resist it.

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Kristin Bradbury (England)

Written by his wife Patsy. My husband Kristin Bradbury became a member of Dignity in Dying a few years ago after he received his cancer diagnosis. His bowel cancer reached his brain and life became very difficult for him. He […]

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Brian Swallow (South West)

I am 87 years of age and afflicted with a cancer of the prostate which has spread to other parts of my body and cannot be cured. What the doctors can do is slow the spread with drugs. Unfortunately, the […]

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Roger Martin (England)

An excerpt from Roger’s letter to the House of Lords. We are much the same age; and I write on an issue of real importance. My heartfelt plea is that you vote for Lord Falconer’s Bill. Given your professional commitment […]

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Ken Jones (Wales)

Ken died in August 2015. I had managed to keep prostate cancer at bay for eleven years until last month, when I learnt that the tumour had metastasised to the vertebrae of my backbone. My urologist assures me that he […]

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