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Kristin Bradbury (England)

Written by his wife Patsy. My husband Kristin Bradbury became a member of Dignity in Dying a few years ago after he received his cancer diagnosis. His bowel cancer reached his brain and life became very difficult for him. He […]

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Brian Swallow (South West)

I am 87 years of age and afflicted with a cancer of the prostate which has spread to other parts of my body and cannot be cured. What the doctors can do is slow the spread with drugs. Unfortunately, the […]

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Roger Martin (England)

An excerpt from Roger’s letter to the House of Lords. We are much the same age; and I write on an issue of real importance. My heartfelt plea is that you vote for Lord Falconer’s Bill. Given your professional commitment […]

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Ken Jones (Wales)

I had managed to keep prostate cancer at bay for eleven years until last month, when I learnt that the tumour had metastasised to the vertebrae of my backbone. My urologist assures me that he will be able to keep […]

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Ann Hall (North West)

Written by Bob, Ann’s husband. In June 2012 Ann, aged 65, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease but as the consultant told her ‘you don’t die of it, you die with it’. Although at first shocked and disappointed we quickly decided […]

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