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Pam Parlanti (South East)

Written by Steve Parlanti, Pam’s son My mum, Pam Parlanti, had lived a very full and active life. She loved the outdoors, and had travelled Europe in connection with her hobby of mineralogy, climbing both up mountains and down mines. […]

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Lee Macneall (North West)

I’m Lee. I’m 25 years old and I am a firm believer that people should have the right to choose. My story is different, because I’ve been through losing someone close to a terminal disease twice. I lost my father […]

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Jackie Meacock

The reality was she was tired of her daily struggle with agonising pain and the consciousness of knowing that this was her life now, and she didn’t want it but was being forced to live it because the law says that we must preserve life at all costs.

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Carole Richardson

Approximately two years ago my mum was diagnosed with Lung Cancer; she was offered surgery (a Lobectomy), but this was quite dangerous as she already suffered with many other health problems such as Heart Failure and Asthma, amongst other things, […]

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